Creative Photo Displays

Goodbye easels with huge canvas pictures of the couple’s engagement picture on it!  Hello creative displays of family photos and previous family weddings!  I love that couples are involving and surprising their family members with pictures from the past.  It’s a way couples are showing their appreciation and love for their families.

Here are some creative displays to get your mind moving!

Pallet love!!  These can be used in your home AFTER the wedding to make some interesting displays!  Another great thing is that this is reusing an existing product (i.e. the pallet) which means you’re recycling.  How eco-friendly is that?!  The best part is that you can change the pictures to make it something new and beautiful to look at throughout the year.

You can find directions on how to create the pallet with clothespins by clicking here.  The other pallets can be found on my Photo Ideas Board on Pinterest.

Love vintage?  How about using some old bottles with pictures inside of it.  Again, you’ll be able to display these in your home after the wedding.  🙂

Some other adorable ways to display your photos using nature and things you may find around the house or at a thrift store!

Have fun and be creative!

Budget for House vs Wedding

I have heard many couples say “I don’t want to put a down payment on a wedding.  I want a down payment for a house!”  This is VERY true and a wedding can EASILY become the cost of a down payment on a home.  We’ve done weddings with a $10,000 budget and weddings over $50,000.  What it comes down to is what is most important to you, the bride and groom.

New Blog!

I am so excited that we have a new blog!  We’ll be making a few minor changes as we learn our way through WordPress and ProPhoto blogs.  Whew!  Talk about overwhelming!

On to business…

So many couples entered our Hot Air Balloon Photo Shoot.  Lavender and Twine and I had a hard time choosing the couple to be in our shoot.  We are happy to announce (officially on our blog) that Megan and Zach have been chosen to be our models!  They were engaged on 11/11/11.  How awesome is that?  They will be getting married this summer.

In case you missed it, they are going to be getting discounts at some of the vendors below:

Check back later when we feature the photos from this photo shoot!