Rosa + Rick – Intimate Celebration of Love

When I first spoke to Rosa on the phone, she was shy and excited about her upcoming wedding with her long time fiancé.  He was a pilot, she was a flight attendant.  They met when they worked for the same airline.  They both had a passion for life and they quickly hit it off.  They dated for 10+ years before Rick proposed to her.

To celebrate their love and their life, they invited their closest friends and family for an intimate gathering at their favorite restaurant, The Sage Room, in Agoura Hills.  They encouraged everyone to wear casual clothing so their guests would be comfortable.  Their ceremony involved everyone surrounding them, their guests holding and connecting every single person together with a hand on each shoulder.  They all said a prayer and helped two people become one.

It was such an amazing and loving wedding.  The wedding was captured by Scarlet and Grace Weddings.

Rick and Rosa Ceremony

Rick and Rosa Details