Giving Tuesday – Week Long Promotion

One of the most important things to me is giving back to others.  When I was younger, I started a Kids Saving the Earth Club in my neighborhood.  I enlisted 5 other kids and started to create ways to SAVE THE EARTH from collecting things to recycle to teaching the kids how we can improve our footprint.  I remember feeling really great for being able to contribute in some way.

My need to give back has continued throughout my life and now it’s up to me to teach my kids how to give back.  I firmly believe this world will be a better place if we help each other and that includes teaching the next generation to also give back and be compassionate (one of our family values).  In addition to asking clients if they would like to donate their flowers to seniors living in assisted living homes (I’ll share more about this later), I am also giving back a portion of all packages booked by December 6th.

So far, we’ve earmarked over $300 to nonprofits that our clients have chosen.  I think that’s awesome!!  My ask of you is to share this promotion with friends and family members who are getting married or need help planning an event.  For each event booked, we will donate a minimum of $75 to a charity of the client’s choosing.

Help me to give back to our communities!

AEE Giving Tuesday