I’m Still Here!

Hello Wedding World!

Just checking in to let you know that I’m still around.  It’s been a very busy wedding and event season since I opened up to other events this year AND I started before the actual season began.  We’re halfway through our season and we’re going to have some really great fall weddings coming soon.  I’m going to work on some blog posts over the next several weeks so all of you lovelies can see how our season has been going.  Maybe it’ll give you some inspiration too for your upcoming wedding.

We are booking 2016 already and we will be raising our prices on some of our packages in October so be sure to check in with me soon by clicking on the contact button above!

BTW – I JUST learned that some of your inquiries didn’t come through to my email address.  I’m so sad!  I never want potential clients and vendors to feel like I am ignoring them.  I ALWAYS respond within 48 hours (even during wedding season!) so if you don’t hear from me, please check back in with me.  I’ve tried to remedy the issue of my blog not sending me every message so hopefully this won’t happen again.  To the lovelies whom I may have missed, my sincerest apologies!

For my future potential clients, be sure to add cindy@AnEnlightenedEvent.com to your address books so that we don’t go to spam.

Chat soon!