Site Coordinator and Wedding Coordinator

Quick Questions

The BIG question is whether a couple needs a site coordinator or a wedding coordinator.  Answer the following quick questions to get an idea as to whether a site coordinator is enough or a wedding coordinator would be better.

  1. Have you planned every detail of your wedding such as decor, all wedding vendors, and created a timeline?
  2. Have you already talked to your family and friends about who will be responsible for cleaning up the venue after the wedding is over?
  3. Do you have very few decor items (e.g. you only have centerpieces, a guest book, a few pictures to display)?
  4. Does the site coordinator have a full understanding of your vision?
  5. Has the site coordinator agreed to set up your wedding the way you want it?
  6. Do you have full faith in your DJ in keeping with the timeline and making the appropriate announcements?
  7. Does the catering staff understand what you’re looking for in regards to when the cake should be cut?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, your site coordinator may be sufficient.  However, if you are feeling uneasy about any of the main vendors (i.e. Catering, Site Coordinator, DJ) then you may want to consider a wedding coordinator.


What is the real difference between the two?

Source: Wedding MBA, Shannon Underwood

A venue coordinator’s primary role is protecting the venue that they work for and delivering the contracted services that have been ordered. 

Examples of a venue coordinators responsibilities:

– Regulating sound levels to stay in compliance with the home owners associations

– Making sure underage guests are not served alcohol

– Regulating fireworks or candles to make sure they are used within fire code

– Communicating the details of their properties to the wedding professionals that serve there

 A wedding planner’s primary role is protecting the wedding couple and serving as their advocate.

Examples of a wedding planners responsibilities:

-Help choose reliable wedding professionals

– Negotiate contracts that serve in the best interest of the wedding couple

– Confirm wedding professionals setup times and ending times

– Keeping the wedding couple within their budget

– Turn their wedding vision into a reality by acting as a liaison between wedding professionals


On a Budget?

A venue coordinator who is willing to assist with your day-of decor responsibilities is a great way to save money.  But you will want to have it in writing what your expectations will be.  If you choose to use the venue coordinator, make sure to consider tipping the coordinator at the end of the night.  It is likely that s/he is going above and beyond his/her normal responsibilities.

If you are planning on hiring a wedding coordinator and found someone you really love but they are out of your price range, ask them if they would be willing to lower their prices if you don’t need them all day.  For example, if you only want someone to help until dinner is served, you may want to ask the planner to quote you on a 6 hour package instead of an all day.  Some coordinators are willing to work with clients on the packages that they offer.

Either way you choose – site coordinator or wedding coordinator – be sure that you ARE NOT WORKING on your wedding day.  Let the professionals take over.  Let them make your vision a reality.