Brunch Wedding

 I love the idea of a brunch wedding because they tend to be so fancifully low key. For some reason I picture friends and family socializing on the vast lawn of a white mansion while a polo match is going. Oh my goodness, okay, not that far fetched but something as relaxed as that. There are so many great reasons to have your wedding during the day instead of forking out a ton of money to have it in the evening.

First, you will save money. Brunch food tends to be less expensive because you are not paying for steak and fish. I’m a breakfast gal (without the breakfast hours) and breakfast food seems so fun to me. It’s also less expensive because you are not competing for vendors or venues. Most people are not booked for brunch so vendor prices are less competitive and they are more willing to work out a deal. I’ve been told breakfast weddings are less stressful as well.

Again, as I drift back to my mansion vision, there is nothing to be tense about. You will have more time alone to spend with your love and your family/friends. If you have your wedding at 10 a.m. or 11 a.m., you’ll have the rest of your day to spend with your guests doing other things you love.


 French Toast & Milk/Coffee & Donuts

Venue: Camarillo Ranch Photographer: Amanda Rae

Pancake Bar/Mimosa Bar






Junior Planner-An Enlightened Event




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